Swipe, Swipe, Click — Google Offers Interactive Price Extensions

Although, price extensions have been offered for mobile ads since July of 2016, AdWords recently updated them to be more interactive.


So, What’s the Change?

Price extensions which were once listed line by line under mobile ads as static text, have transformed into a carousel of cards the user can scroll through on their mobile device. Much like sitelink extensions, each of these price cards leads the user to a specific destination URL when clicked.


Mhmm, And the Benefits?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Fewer steps in a purchase funnel from landing on a highly relevant page, means fewer opportunities for the customer to leave without a purchase. On the flip side, if the person swiping though the price cards realizes that the listed prices aren’t in their budget and choose not to click on a card or your ad then Congrats, you just saved money that can be put towards more relevant searchers! Since that user didn’t have to actually click your ad and visit your website for price information you never had to pay for a click.

The opportunity to utilize price extensions across multiple market types and business structures is another benefit. Often times as a digital marketer you’ll learn about a new extension and get all excited to try it out, only to realize that it’s not very applicable to your accounts. Thankfully, this extension can be used in many types of accounts because the customization options for these price extensions cards are phenomenal! AdWords gives you the option to add price qualifiers “From” or “Up to” as well as the option to add unit information to each price.

These options allow businesses that provide service based on an hourly rate or realtors that list houses and apartments with price ranges instead of using a single price to take advantage of them, rather than just working for your typical B2C e-commerce company.


Tips For Set-Up

So, you’re now as convinced as I am that price extensions are a must? Great! The most important thing to keep in mind when implementing price extensions for mobile ads is to keep them relevant. Just like all other extensions within AdWords, you are given an option to add them at the account, campaign, or ad group level.


Branded campaigns are a great place to list price extensions by product types. For example, if you were an online company that sold baking supplies your extensions would include: bakeware, sprinkles, candy molds, aprons, cookbooks, etc. If you were an online candle retailer your branded price extensions might look like this:

However for unbranded campaign and ad group levels you would want extensions relevant to the search that occurred. Assuming we are back to being a baking supply store, let’s say someone is searching for sprinkles. This would trigger an ad from your Sprinkles campaign to fire. The price extensions within that campaign should all relate to sprinkle types rather than simply listing all the product types you offer. Below is an example of targeted price cards for a Sprinkles campaign.

Also, remember you can always change the order of your price cards buy bumping them up or down using the arrows along the right side and you can easily update any information on the price cards by clicking edit when you’re in the ad extension tab of AdWords.


Final Thoughts

If you’re an analyst or a business owner running your own campaigns, I highly recommend testing these mobile price extensions out. If you’ve hired someone to run digital campaigns for you, ask them to try out price extensions if they haven’t implemented them already!

For more information about price extensions, hit up the Google support page.


Jenn Grush